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I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Legend of the Lost, the first in Ian’s much anticipated changeling trilogy and have to say I was certainly not disappointed.

Sure he’s written this for the 7-11 core readership because he wants to encourage parents to read it to their children as he enjoyed doing. But it’s a thrilling heroic journey for adults and children alike.

It’s packed with interesting characters, amazing, fantastical creatures and the action pulsates throughout.

Some wonderful setting from beautiful Cornish setting through to atmospheric forests act as a fine backdrop to a strong and touching central story.

I don’t want to say too much to spoil the many surprises but I have no doubt you and your kids will be enthralled from start to finish which comes way too soon. Can’t wait for the sequel, which I understand is part-set in Africa and judging by the talking animals in this, it should be another “must read”.

Would make a great film……

Dave Smith and Hannah and Fergus.

Thrilling heroic journey

I was honoured to be asked to be one of a select few readers asked to review a pre-publication version of this fresh children’s book by a writer I admire.

Really pleased as I feel I’ve had a rare peek into something special.

It is an epic adventure that has both a classic and contemporary feel to it. Packed full of engaging characters and straddles the everyday and mythical worlds using a very clever device, human children as “changelings” with special powers gleaned from magical items and….their family genes.

Werebeasts, fairies, nymphs, pirates, wiccans, talking animals…..what more do you need?

It is beautifully set in Cornwall and Hertfordshire and is packed full of very-varied action. Also has some terrific, pretty nasty villains as every great children’s book needs.

Has echoes of the heroic journey narrative of Lewis, Rowling and even Blyton in places but without being derivative.

It is a really cleverly conceived page turner and my daughter (age 9) devoured it in a couple of days and has been bugging me about the sequel (I believe it’s a trilogy and the story line and depth of characterisation certainly lends itself to more, more, more). Would actually make a great film…

Gets my top recommendation and will be a fabulous Summer read on the beach or wrapped up in front of a blazing fire.

A writer who clearly knows his stuff.

My daughter’s favourite moment:

“The battle of Berkhamsted castle and the huge surprise when************”

A big fan

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