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A warm welcome to the website and blog for the changeling saga, a family’s heroic journey and magical adventure to combat a pandemic of dark magic..

The series so far includes three books Legend of the Lost; Ends of the Earth and now Return of the Changeling.

This is a gathering place for the curious, for confirmed fans of the books, of the characters and for people who just want to gather additional knowledge and insights into the enchanting people, amazing places and important themes covered in the books.

We will be publishing interviews with the author, additional details and images of some of the characters and clues and facts about further adventures, notable events, happenings and special offers and activities for our followers.

You can also request signed or dedicated copies of the books by dropping us a line.

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Delighted to share more of the excellent reviews Legend of the Lost, the first in the changeling trilogy, has attracted since publication in paperback and Kindle:


I bought this book for 2 sets of grand children but of course “nana” had to read it first!
As someone who read the original Enid Blyton books as a child and enjoys gothic/supernatural novels as an adult I was in my element as this book combines the two of those elements.
I was transported back to my inner child and immersed myself in the tale of Holly and Alice, in fact I walked up to my local beach in search of a moonstone, well, you never know!
This is a magical book that holds your interest from the first page to the last, it also has a subtle but meaningful message, family is everything, love is everything and good can overcome evil.
My grandchildren are in for a treat!!!!!

Linda Leahey

What a fantastic book. It is so beautifully written each page has had us wanting to know more. Even with places mentioned that we know so well it takes you to somewhere special and makes those places magical. Our next visit to Ashridge will we spent hunting for that magic. A great book to share that’s takes you on many adventures. I couldn’t recommend it enough. We can’t wait for the next one in the series.

Claire P

A thoroughly enjoyable read, for children and adults alike. As a grown up (most of the time) it brought back the escapism and fantasy of Enid Blyton and CS Lewis – even better as it’s set in the familiar yet fantastic settings of Cornwall and Ashridge.

Can’t wait for the rest of the books in the trilogy. Get it onto your Christmas wish list!

Jane Cathrall

Picked up your copy yet?


One of the great advantages of the social media age, for writers, is having the opportunity to interact with readers.

Sometimes, and usually quite unexpectedly, messages appear out of the blue that really make your day.

Here’s a few from twitter and Instagram:


Just because the weather has been a bit rubbish this weekend it doesn’t stop your mind going to places. @connectwithlotl is such a beautifully written book and each page has had us wanting to know more. We couldn’t recommend it enough.

New books , love the smell of new books 😍 And the first book 'Legend of The Lost ' is set in our county Cornwall  in Porthleven and Coverack.  Can't wait to read this one and the other book looks intresting#cornwall#Coverack#Porthleven#Adventure#magic#legendofthelost
New books , love the smell of new books 😍 And the first book ‘Legend of The Lost ‘ is set in our county Cornwall in Porthleven and Coverack.
I can’t put the book down , nearly finished and once I’ve finished my daughter is ready to read.
I keep reading extracts and then quietly reading them again. Amazing book.
My twins were given a school project to be photographed reading a book somewhere unusual, they both chose their new favourite, Legend of the Lost, to read on Snowdon’s Summit.
“..you write with an exquisite skill and as I am reading I am visualising the characters, they seem so lifelike!
The adults & children are so like people I have come across & the Cornish backdrop is so familiar from my childhood that I feel I am retracing happy childhood steps! “

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