Legend of the Lost is the first in the magical adventure series about the Savage changeling family and their struggle to re-connect after being torn apart under mysteriously tragic circumstances.

The tale begins with two sisters, Holly and Lucy, on a tranquil family holiday at Mermaid Cottage nestled in an idyllic Cornish fishing village. But the chance discovery of a magical Moonstone, the heart of a fallin star, leads to encounters with enchanted friends and mortal enemies hitherto unknown. They soon discover that their past and indeed their very family is not what they had come to believe.

The family members and their friends now find themselves drawn on a challenging heroic journey that takes them from the coast through the mighty Ashridge Forest destined for an epic battle at the former castle of the Black Prince.

During their adventure, the children uncover unique powers, qualities, alter egos and magical artifacts that not only help them solve the mystery of their family’s past but transport them into a world where fairy-folk, humans, changelings and other enchanted creatures overlap.

Yet with each new discovery comes a fresh challenge and they soon find themselves at the center of a greater war with dark forces that undermines the balance of nature itself.

This threatens to throw the magical world intowood a terrible conflict with the natural kingdom and apparently ordinary folk that will shape their individual destinies and ultimately decide the future of their unique family.