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Time for a taster…


Not long now before the first in the trilogy hits the shelves…

So here’s a little something to get the story-telling taste buds going:

Holly gasped.

The sweat was flowing, running into her eyes, burning as she ran.

Lungs screamed, heavy, horribly dry.

She gulped down hot air, chest heaving with terror.

She could hear herself crying in panic – “faster, run faster” ­– and she could feel the fine hairs, taut all over her body, prickling with fear.

She clawed through the mud and threw herself between the dark roots of an ancient tree.

Yet still the thud, thud, thud of the footsteps came.

They were relentless, like a pack of rabid horrors on the hunt.

And they were chasing her through the dark woods that everyone had told her to avoid at all costs.

But now it was too late.

She was on her own.

They were coming for her.

They were here…


Got your pre-orders in yet?