First Amazon reviews

Must read this legendary series: 

Spent a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday reading this book which is a little gem. The author skillfully weaves a heartwarming story about a loving family torn apart centuries ago in tragic circumstances before finally discovering their true selves and each other again. All this happens against a backdrop of terrifying magical events involving fairies, gypsy pirates, witches and an army of foul creatures. A great part of the enjoyment is the fact that the story is set in Cornwall and Hertfordshire, locations known well to the author and his love of these areas shines through as he describes them in vivid detail. The first in a trilogy and I’m looking forward to the next installment so hopefully Mr Buckingham won’t keep us waiting too long.


Truly magical masterpiece:

What a fabulous book! One of the best I have read for a very long time. This should be in every school library. The last time I had this feeling about a book it was after reading the first Harry Potter. Truly a magical masterpiece and you will not be able to put it down. Highly recommend to all. Utterly brilliant. Can’t wait for the next in the trilogy.


And this one on Linkedin:

“I am thoroughly enjoying my personally scribed copy! Half way through, interrupted by family crisis, but aiming to be back to it to finish this weekend!

Ian P Buckingham, you write with an exquisite skill and as I am reading I am visualising the characters, they seem so lifelike!

The adult and child characters are so like people I have come across and the Cornish backdrop is so familiar from my childhood that I feel I am retracing happy childhood steps! I can’t wait to finish it!”