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First Edition

Look what arrived, fresh from the printer, here modeled by Philippa from the publisher, Book Guild!

The first book in the Legend of the Lost trilogy has an extra special

reunification theme.

It’s a very heartwarming message about the importance of family, whatever unique form that takes, about a bond that transcends adversity, about perseverance & overcoming challenges and trials.

The books are for sale online now from the Book Guild’s online store. At the month end when they will go on sale in the major retail outlets in-store and online via Amazon, Foyles, Google etc.

If you can’t make it to a signing, and you feel it will help, Ian will be very happy to sign a copy and write a special personal message on behalf of a parent, friend or relative to any child who they may feel needs a special boost.

Drop us a line with your details and we’ll arrange this for you.




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