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A second taste of Legend of the Lost?

In honour of the arrival of the first batch of first editions from the printer, where we’re proud to say everything was locally sourced and produced, we thought we’d share another exclusive excerpt with our social media followers.

So if you’re sitting comfortably……

Everything about the beautifully twisted creatures at her command reeked of her malevolence and bleak revenge.

They embodied her thoughts as they snickered, snarled and howled their way down the long-forgotten passageway connecting the darkest part of the dark downs to the centre of the castle, the former domain of the Black Prince.

This vengeance had been decades in the making. And it would be all the more fulfilling for the tortuous wait.

This would be justice for the outcasts, revenge against the race that had treated her own mother so cruelly, that had destroyed her own family and that had now abused, polluted and neglected the creatures of the forest and the fields where they lived.”

….we can’t share much more without there being some sort of “spoiler” as there’s so much action packed into the pages.

But if you want to grab your copy before they go on general release at the month end then be sure to go to the Book Guild online shop today or, contact us for one of the last few remaining advance copies and beat your friends to it……….



Legend of the Lost book 1, Uncategorized

First Edition

Look what arrived, fresh from the printer, here modeled by Philippa from the publisher, Book Guild!

The first book in the Legend of the Lost trilogy has an extra special

reunification theme.

It’s a very heartwarming message about the importance of family, whatever unique form that takes, about a bond that transcends adversity, about perseverance & overcoming challenges and trials.

The books are for sale online now from the Book Guild’s online store. At the month end when they will go on sale in the major retail outlets in-store and online via Amazon, Foyles, Google etc.

If you can’t make it to a signing, and you feel it will help, Ian will be very happy to sign a copy and write a special personal message on behalf of a parent, friend or relative to any child who they may feel needs a special boost.

Drop us a line with your details and we’ll arrange this for you.




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Global Showcase

The changeling family members care deeply about the environment.

It’s where their unique powers come from, after all.

Their adventures take them from their home in Cornwall, England, to places like Africa, the Americas and Canada putting right the wrongs that people have committed in nature through irresponsible behaviour.

As Legend of the Lost* launches and The Ends of the Earth is prepared for publication, we would love to showcase photographs of you with your copies of the first in the trilogy, wherever you may be in the world.

So please do contact us with your photos and stories and we will be pleased to feature them here.

Together we can raise awareness about the importance of caring for

 our environment and the amazing wildlife that shares our incredible habitats, the places we all call our home.

Featured this week:

Pictured with their copies of Legend of the Lost we have twins on the summit of Mount Snowdon, and group at Lizard point on the southern tip of Cornwall. That’s the highest and furthest the first book has been pictured to date……

One of our readers is pictured exhausted after a magic hunting trip to the very woods featured in the first book.

We also have a birthday girls as well as our youngest reader…….and our first from overseas….Ireland in fact!

To cap it all, we have a King (Luis) and a Lord

Can you guess who they might be then, kids?



Legend of the Lost book 1, Uncategorized

The Summer countdown…

…has begun.

It’s the start of June and won’t be long until the pre-ordered copies of Legend of the Lost, part 1 of the changeling trilogy, make their way via postman, pigeon, owl, dolphin, eagle, beagle or flying ship to those who will be getting their hands on the very first of the first editions.

We’re pleased to announce stockists in all of the key locations featured in the book. Thus far have had orders from far-flung destination including Australia, Holland, Germany and the USA as the online pre-orders kick in via, to name a few,  Amazon, Foyles and Blackwells.

We are also making arrangements for Ian to do some readings and signings at various branches of Waterstones and other key outlets.

So watch this space…….